If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Albert Einstein, Visionary Scientist

Structured Content is Strategic to Your Success

The first thing potential customers see about your products or services is your content. They may find it by using a search engine, clicking a social media link, or by taking a quick glance at a friend's computer screen. However your content reaches your target audience, it should be appeal to them with well-written, clearly organized information. You only get one change to make a favorable first impression with a customer.

Content Intelligence

Intelligent content is content that’s structurally rich and semantically categorized and therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable.Ann Rockley, Content Marketing Specialist

At The Content Era, we think the best way to create and maintain structured, useful content is with intelligent tools. This is why we focus on the industry's most versatile products and devote considerable, ongoing effort to their improvement.

While others spend time talking about intelligent content, we facilitate it with smart content creation and management processes. True content intelligence covers every phase of development and maintenance.

Content Strategy

It really pays to stop and think before creating new content. What goal you are trying to achieve, and is the new content the best possible way to reach that goal? How can existing content be reused, repurposed, restyled, or transformed to become more effective?

Content strategy involves all aspects of your business, from product planning and marketing to support and customer engagement. An effective content strategy requires a well-defined approach to creating and maintaining semantically rich, structurally mature content.

With six decades of combined experience, The Content Era continues helping clients across several industries to transform the potential of their content into significant, value-added returns.

Content Management

The complexity of managing today's structured, reusable, and personalized content is a growing challenge to the support of simple version-control systems. Tracking source content is not enough. You must track its use across an expanding variety of outputs and formats.

The most effective way to track content is with a modern Component Content Management System (CCMS). The Content Era works closely with strategic partners, one of which created DITAToo. This CCMS provides an entry-level, cost-effective, DITA-savvy system that gets you up and running right away with structured, reusable, and personalized content.

For more demanding projects with high volumes of content and many authors, or for customers who are bound to a CMS that is already in use for other departments, we work with a variety of partners. Every situation is unique, but we will find a content management solution that fits your organization like a glove.


We can help you optimize your Return On Content

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