Sharing Ideas

The consultants and trainers working at The Content Era have delivered countless presentations at conferences around the globe. Such events are the perfect chance to get up close and personal, to discuss your content dreams and find out how we can help you make them come true.


LavaCon 2017 in Portland, OR Featuring Founder and CEO of The Content Era - Tom Aldous

RECORDING COMING SOON "Implementing a customer-driven transition to DITA content: A step-by-step journey to success"


When customer expectations uproot your documentation processes and PDF content offering, how do you mobilize a team that has used the same tools and processes to create book-based, unstructured content for over two decades? When new demands drive the change for structured content to support a myriad of users and multi-channel publishing, the logical choice is a DITA workflow.

Join Ciena, The Content Era and Adobe Tech Comm at LavaCon 2017 Portland for an immersive workshop that highlights how a DITA workflow is possible with familiar tools, a modest budget, and creative handling of the content.



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