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The consultants and trainers working at The Content Era have delivered countless presentations at conferences around the globe. Such events are the perfect chance to get up close and personal, to discuss your content dreams and find out how we can help you make them come true.


LavaCon 2017 in Portland, OR Featuring Co-Founder and Company Muse of The Content Era - Hoa Aldous

Presenting: "Take the risk, embrace the change!"


Hoa Aldous, Company Muse for The Content Era, has been involved in the tech comm community for more than 25 years. As a key motivator for Integrated Technologies, she earned her stripes as an important contributor to the marketing and operations teams. Her strategic thinking has proven vital time and again as she routinely guides The Content Era to successful ventures. As an ambassador for The Content Era, Hoa excels at putting the company’s best foot forward and provides the extra level of care for customers that sets The Content Era apart from others.

Session begins at 9 AM PST in the Portland Hilton Executive Tower


LavaCon 2017 in Portland, OR Featuring Founder and CEO of The Content Era - Tom Aldous

Presenting: "Implementing a customer-driven transition to DITA content: A step-by-step journey to success"


When customer expectations uproot your documentation processes and PDF content offering, how do you mobilize a team that has used the same tools and processes to create book-based, unstructured content for over two decades? When new demands drive the change for structured content to support a myriad of users and multi-channel publishing, the logical choice is a DITA workflow.

Join Ciena, The Content Era and Adobe Tech Comm at LavaCon 2017 Portland for an immersive workshop that highlights how a DITA workflow is possible with familiar tools, a modest budget, and creative handling of the content.

Session begins at 1 PM PST in the Portland Hilton Executive Tower


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DITAWorld 2017 featuring Founder and CEO of The Content Era - Tom Aldous

Presenting: "Using DITAMap/ FrameMaker for Non-DITA Content"


Tom Aldous is a leading expert in the art of FrameMaker manipulation.

In his session at Adobe DITA World 2017, Tom will discuss one such solution that has opened the door to a new way of using ditamaps by leveraging non-dita content. The flexibility of FrameMaker allows you to keep the standards you have in place while utilizing what makes FrameMaker so valuable to end users.

Tom Aldous - Founder and CEO/


Webinar hosted by Tom Aldous

Thought Leader Thursday featuring Executive Director of LavaCon - Jack Molisani

Jack's session will stream on The Content Era YouTube Channel starting 9/21/17


Jack Molisani, the Executive Director for The LavaCon Conference, joins us for an episode of Thought Leader Thursday. Jack has been a staple of the Tech Comm Community for some time and his conference is one of the most useful and insightful ways to get the knowledge you need to succeed in tech comm. If you haven't been to a LavaCon Conference yet, it's not too late to attend this year's second LavaCon event in Portland, Oregon!

In this session, Jack and Tom will discuss best practices for personal branding and the unique ways they each promote benefits over features when working with customers, conference attendees and anyone in between.

Jack Molisani - Executive Director/